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"The Importance of Being Ernest" (Morpheus Theatre)

Nominated for 8 awards, including... Outstanding Production of a Play - WINNER
Producer: Trish Befus
Director: Jeremy MacKenzie
Stage Manger: Jason Seelmann
I was grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Jeremy, Trish and the cast of Ernest. Truly one of the best times
I've had off stage. Thank you Calgary, Front Row Centre Players and everyone who voted for the 2010 CAT Awards.

In Memory of David Ross


​I met David when I joined Western Canada Theatre Company in 1995

Although my time spent in David's company was limited, I always respected him for his presence in a group and remember how open he was and willing to give to those around him. He always expressed interest in my experience in Alberta community theatre before coming to British Columbia. He will be missed for a while, but remembered forever. Many thanks!

For his lifetime dedication to Canadian theatre, David Ross was awarded Her Majesty’s Golden Jubilee Medal, the Governor General's Medal, and the City of Kamloops Pioneer Award.

David Ross - Mentor and friend
February 10, 1945 - March 29, 2009