a short film

"Combines the visual power of a postmodern painting with the grace of a Russian ballet."

~ Feel The Reel International Film Festival

“A super intense atmosphere unlike any other”


“Brooding and disturbing”

~ DC SHORTS Film Festival

“Hypnotically shot”

~ DAMN! Film Series

World Premiere at Blood in the Snow Film Festival

We are proud to have had our Official World Premiere 

at this prestigious event!

with 60 Official Selections so far!

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THE ONE I ADORE - Official Trailer


a short film

When you've had a hard day, and you just want to get away for a while and forget about things. Ray's Place is just the place. But for one young man, on one special night, Ray's Place might not be the getaway he wanted. And what unfolds may change his life forever.

Staring Kevin Burnett as Ray, a bar owner who had everything and lost it, Sandra Stewart as Christine who had even more and lost it, and Len Silvini as Nathan who doesn't know how much he has, but stands to lose it.

Whisky was a co-production with Working Reel Productions based in Cambridge, Ontario.

"An intense, complex and disturbing story bravely and beautifully told. Excellent use of storytelling: a classic bar tale with a dark twist - be careful what you order" - Kate Clark (HMFF)

(Whisky) ​received the most conversation and for good reason. Jason has created a story of inner inspection.. leaves you thinking about what we have and what it means to us." - J. Robert Bellamy (CKX)

Still shot from the film